Race Results

This page will be dedicated to how our team has done in the past up to the present race. Hopefully, through this all of you have access to results and can track the progress of our team.

12th Generation

Treasure Island 2014
Cons A final: 2:14:79, 2nd
Women: 2:22:19, 3rd
Men: 2:07:29, 4th
Visiting Team: 2:17:45, 6th

Big Long Beach 2014
-Open: 2:06.707, 4th
-Women: 2:28.199, 4th
-College: 2:09.554, 2nd
-Mixed: 2:09.235, 5th

11th Generation

Baby Long Beach 2014
-Mixed B (Thunder): 2:20.393, 2nd
-Mixed B (Fire): 2:20.969, 3rd
-200m A (Thunder): 0:54.223, 3rd
-200m A (Fire): 0:56.624, 6th

Tempe, Arizona 2014
-Mixed A (Thunder): 2:09.27, 4th
-College (Thunder): 2:07.26, 4th
-College Consolation (Fire): 2:12.25, 6th
-250m A (Thunder): 1:05.12, 1st
-250m A (Fire): 1:06.86, 6th
-1000m (Thunder): 4:39.89, 4th
-1000m (Fire): 4:50.53, 9th

College Cup
Championship A (Thunder): 2:12.48, 3rd
Championship B (Wind): 2:23.03, 5th
Elewomen (Ngu-women): 2:35.37, 3rd
Elemen (Chen Men): 2:11.03, 2nd

Treasure Island 2013
UCLA/UCI Women Championship: 2:26.87, 1st
UCLA/UCI Men Championship: 2:11.29, 6th
Competitive A Consolation: 2:25.17, 3rd
Visiting Team Championship: 2:18.09, 4th

Long Beach Festival 2013
Cal/UCI Women A: 2:22.045, 1st
Mixed 1B: 2:14.79, 4th
College A: 2:11.79, 3rd
200m (Div I + II): 0:51.409, 8th
ICDBF (10man) 500m: 2:38.372, 2nd
ICDBF (10man) 200m: 1:00.997, 4th


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