The Crew

UCI Elements is a collegiate dragonboat team, going onto its seventeenth year of establishment.  Our team represents three elements: thunder, for the drive we have; wind, for the freedom we feel on a boat; and fire, for the passion that moves us. As the Elements, we compete in many different places from Long Beach, San Diego, and Arizona to the Bay Area and, even, Vancouver. With each race and training session, we constantly strive for greater heights on and off the water.

the Leaders

17th Generation (2019-2020)
President: Eddie Huynh
Vice President: Briana Nguyen
Head Coach: Tomas Handelsman
Water Coach: Tyler Wong
Water Coach: Tiffany Chan
Water Coach: Nicholas Woo
Land Coach: Kanami Lo
Treasurer: Lawson Liang
Fundraising Chair: Emily Suen
Social Chair: Brandon Bui

16th Generation (2018-2019)
President: Wesley Cho
Vice President: Jason Tang
Water Coach: Andrew Luu
Land Coach: Tomas Handelsman
Treasurer: AJ Lorion
Fundraising Chair: Alexis Rivera
Social Chair: John Quinzon
Captains: Sean Wang & Anton Yeung

15th Generation (2017-2018)
President: Aaron Ching
Vice President: Lauramae Joaquin
Water Coach: Ryan Chan
Land Coach: Jorge Quinonez
Treasurer: Dalton Conroy
Fundraising Chair: LeAnna Nguyen
Social Chair: Eugen Xie
Captains: Andrew Luu & Wesley Cho
DBOTS: John Quinzon, Jason Tang, Tomas Handelsman,
Sean Wang, Anton Yeung

14th Generation (2016-2017)
President: Victor Tang
Vice President: Danielle Miranda
Water Coach: Christopher Lew
Land Coach: Aaron Zhou
Treasurer: John Hamilton
Social Chair: Cody Ho
Captains: Ryan Chan & Mary Nieh
DBOTS: Aaron Ching, Lauramae Joaquin, Paige Hartley,
Shana Kong, Wesley Cho

13th Generation (2015-2016)
President: Jessica Wong
Vice President: Destiny Sze
Water Coach: Christopher Lew
Land Coach: Henry Tran
Captains: Brian Lam & Victor Tang
Treasurer: Daeley Simons
Social Chair: Cody Ho
DBOTs: Mary Nieh, Ryan Chan, LeAnna Nguyen,
John Hamilton, Kyle Lee

12th Generation (2014-2015)
President: Kevin Nguyen
Vice-President: Stephanie Le
Water Coach: Jasper Wang
Land Coach: Annie Yang
Captain: Jessica Wong
Captain: Josh Dela Luna
Treasurer: Destiny Sze
Social Chair: Judy Le
DBOTs: Chris Lew, Henry Tran, Victor Tang, Brian Lam,
Jennifer Truong,  Darren Lee, Tommy Liao

11th Generation (2013-2014)
President: Thammasat Tanitipinichwong
Vice-President: Jessica Wong
Water Coach: Anthony Zhu
Land Coach: Alex Xiong
Captain: Simon Li
Captain: Kevin Nguyen
Fundraising Chair: Christopher Pon
Social Chair: Christopher Cheng
DBOTs: Annie Yang, Kellie Amano, Stephanie Le, William Huynh

10th Generation (2012-2013)
President: Nicholas Tom
Vice-President: Sandy Wong
Water Coach: Michael Espino
Land Coach: Alex San
Captain: Thammasat Tantipinichwong
Captain: Anthony Zhu
Fundraising Chair: Jaydee Choompoo
Treasurer: Benjamin Yee
Social Chair: Bettina Leung
Historian/Webmaster: Jacqueline Chu
DBOTs: Lisa Chou, Kevin Nguyen, Christopher Pon, Jessica Wong

9th Generation (2011-2012)
Coach: Nicholas Tom
Captain: Karen Chen
Captain: Michael Espino
Captain: Wendy Louie
DBOTs: Andrew Lam, Bettina Leung, Alex San, Thammasat Tantipinichwong

8th Generation (2010-2011)
Coach: Justin Chi
Captain: Patrick Ng
Captain: Nicholas Tom
Captain: Megan Wu
DBOTs: Karen Chen, Jacqueline Chu, Allison Mok, Sandy Wong

7th Generation (2009-2010)
Coach: Justin Sung
Captain: Justin Chi
Captain: Stephanie Ho
Captain: Tasha Wong
DBOTs: Jaydee Choompoo, Christopher Louie, Wendy Louie, Nicholas Tom

6th Generation (2008-2009)
Coach: Daniel Ng
Captain: Justin Chi
Captain: Nate Jew
Captain: Justin Sung
DBOTs: Jillian Anderson, Dennis Chen, Tabitha Huang

5th Generation (2007-2008)
Coach: Cory Ishihara-Wing
Captain: Morris Chen
Captain: Megan Yeh
DBOTs: Justin Chi, Adelyn Lee, Justin Sung

4th Generation (2006-2007)
Coach: Kevin Lee
Captain: Kenneth Lee, Cory Ishihara-Wing
DBOTs: Elena Huang, Justin Sung, Ben Wong

3rd Generation (2005-2006)
Coach: Kevin Lee
Captain: John Lai
Captiain: Harry Vong

1st and 2nd Generation (2003-2005)
Coach/Founder: Kevin Lee