Better Burpees

Why burpees?
They’re great cardio and they work your shoulders, core, legs, and back. No special training or equipment needed!

How to do a Burpee MORE EFFICIENTLY (and correctly)

-Clapping for us is optional, but it is more “correct” and forces a larger range of motion
DROP down to the floor, instead of lowering yourself.
-Place your hands near your feet, so you don’t have to shift as much of your weight
-During the pushup, stay near your body instead of the traditional wider pushup for more speed (more like a military pushup)
-Land with your heels (feet flat) so you’re in a more stable position to jump
-Try to mesh the motions instead of sequence them (go into pushup while dropping, get ready to jump when landing, etc)

Everybody loves burpees! Hella articles on why burpees are awesome.
Even if you don’t agree… we’re still gonna do them. HA!

-Anthony Zhu

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